Download Movie Sequence 7: The Contenders film evaluate (2001) | Roger Ebert

Download Movie Sequence 7: The Contenders film evaluate (2001) | Roger Ebert

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Typically probably the most astonishing factor a few is hidden proper in plain sight. “Sequence 7: The Contenders” is a satire on actuality TV, taking the world of “Survivor” and “Temptation Island” to its logical extension with a TV present the place the contestants kill each other. This isn’t a brand new concept; the is much like “The Tenth Sufferer” (1965) and has additionally been in comparison with “Loss of life Race 2000,” “Working Man,” “EDtv” and “The Truman Present” in the best way it makes use of precise lives as TV fodder. The basic brief story “The Most Harmful Sport” can also be lurking someplace in its historical past. Commercial No, it is not the concept that individuals will kill one another for leisure that makes “Sequence 7” jolting. What the accurately perceives is that someplace alongside the road we have misplaced all sense of disgrace in our society. It is not what individuals will do, however what they’re going to say–what they eagerly reveal about themselves–that “Sequence 7” assimilates with out even being conscious of it. The killing half is the satire, and we count on that to be exaggerated. The dialogue, I think, isn’t meant as satirical in any respect, however merely displays the best way individuals assume lately. There are nonetheless many People who select to not reveal each element of their non-public lives the second a digicam is pointed at them, however they do not get on TV a lot.Permit me a digression. I used to be watching “The Jerry Springer Present” the opposite day, as I usually do after I wish to examine the bounds of the permissible, and there was a “visitor” who was complaining that his girlfriend wouldn’t respect his fetish. He likes to vomit throughout intercourse. He even had the phrase for his specialty, however I’ve forgotten it; “nauseaphilia,” little doubt. It was superb that this man would reveal his secret on tv, however much more astonishing that the girlfriend would additionally seem, as a way to testify how disgusting it was. Anybody so determined for fame that they’ll put themselves ready like that ought to assume, deeply and urgently, in regards to the optimistic facets of anonymity.However what do individuals say after they meet Springer visitors? (1) “Ugh! That was disgusting! You might be wicked!” or (2) “I noticed you on Springer. How do you get on that present?” I think the reply is (2).I make these observations as a result of the characters in “Sequence 7” haven’t any satisfaction and no disgrace, and that is extra fascinating than their willingness to kill each other. The killing is simply the gimmick–the satirical hook of the –but their willingness to seem on TV and clarify the main points of their deadly illnesses, or permit the cameras to see their filthy hovels, is illuminating. It means that fame is the antidote for nearly any misfortune. Commercial The film stars Brooke Smith, that fantastic actress from “Vanya on 42nd Road,” as Daybreak, eight months pregnant, who explains that she should kill individuals and win the sport for the sake of her unborn youngster. This can be a twisted logic with a form of magnificence to it: She kills to defend life. Different contestants embody a teen (Merritt Wever) whose dad and mom drive her to shoot-outs; an ER nurse (Marylouise Burke) whose bloody job and bloody TV position overlap; a father (Michael Kaycheck) with a spouse and three youngsters (he desires to offer for his household); a man who lurks in a trailer park (Richard Enterprise), and a testicular most cancers sufferer (Glenn Fitzgerald) who could also be within the sport as a result of he desires to die.The Brooke Smith character is the best-drawn and most clearly seen, and as she walks right into a comfort retailer and begins blasting away, we discover the reactions of the bystanders. They perceive. They know that is solely TV. They don’t seem to be horrified however intrigued, and so they’re little doubt questioning “am I on now?” The overlap between this habits and a few of the actions in the course of the San Diego college capturing every week in the past are uncanny, and disturbing. The child who went again into the varsity with the video digicam was interviewed not too long ago about how a lot he had been interviewed.Actual life has caught up with “Sequence 7” and lapped it. The film was filmed earlier than the primary airing of a “Survivor” episode, and will need to have appeared extra radical within the screenplay stage than it does now. We observe that the writer-director, Daniel Minahan, has really feel for the slick graphics and theme songs of this model of TV, and is aware of how the bumpers and the teasers work. However the film has one joke and tells it too usually, for too lengthy. It leaves you with time to consider tv, celeb and disgrace. Remind me to let you know someday in regards to the different visitors on that “Springer” episode. Commercial

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