Download Movie Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, Debuts Facial Scruff & Fans Go Wild: ‘What A Babe’

Download Movie Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, Debuts Facial Scruff & Fans Go Wild: ‘What A Babe’

Love it or hate it? Social media was torn over it Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new facial hair, with some calling him a ‘babe’ while others thought he looked ‘clueless.’ New Year, New Beard. Justin Trudeau, 49, brought massive chaos to the millions of Instagram and Twitter users out there when he debuted his new facial hair on Monday, January 6 in a photo taken by his official photographer, Adam Scotti (SEE PIC HERE). He gave fans another view of his scruffier face later on in the day when he tweeted a pic showing him and Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan, 49, being briefed by military officials on developments in Iraq. Both situations showed the charismatic leader in a state of seriousness but all social media could focus on was how different he looked. “Adam we need answers about the beard,” one user directly asked his photog to which he replied with a shrug emoji. The debate continued on many Twitter threads and Instagram chains over Justin’s new appearance. “It’s an attempt by Trudeau to act the part of a mature statesman,” one user suggested on Twitter Tuesday. “[It’s] more of a mature look, especially with the gray coming through,” another wrote. One took the negative route, saying he appeared “clueless” although they didn’t go into details over if they were referring to his beard or his overall aura in one of the pics. It’s a dramatic change for the father-of-three who has traditionally gone for more of a short locks and clean-shaven face look since being elected Liberal leader in 2013. He also happens to be the first prime minister to sport a full beard since Mackenzie Bowell, who served from 1894 to 1896. Justin Trudeau’s new facial hair. Credit: AP Justin’s good looks have caused all types of politicians and famous people to gawk at him over the past couple of years. Kate Middleton, 38, once bit her lip while gazing at him while actress Emma Watson, 29, stared at him with a big smile on her face during a big meeting. Even Melania Trump, 49, looked thrilled while giving him a kiss on the cheek next to her husband Donald, 73, which social media ate up.

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