Download Movie ‘Essential Judge Dredd’ Graphic Novel Line to Launch This Fall

Download Movie ‘Essential Judge Dredd’ Graphic Novel Line to Launch This Fall

America, originally published in 1990, tells the story of comedian Bennett Beeny and America Jara, his childhood love who grows up to become a democratic activist, and later terrorist, in the fascistic police state setting of Mega-City One. Wagner, who created Dredd with Carlos Ezquerra in 1977, has called the storyline his favorite for the character, and it’s widely considered to be one of the most poignant in the strip’s long history.

                        In a statement, Rebellion Publishing head Ben Smith said, “Not only is America one of the most amazing Judge Dredd stories ever told, this incredibly prescient look at the demands society must make for democracy and what a state will do to protect itself couldn’t be more contemporary. This is not only the ideal first story for any reader new to Dredd, it’s something everyone should read in this year of all years. Make sure you read it before you vote, citizens!”

                        Essential Judge Dredd: America will be released in September; the second volume in the series, Essential Judge Dredd: Origins, will follow in November.
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