Download Movie Dark Horse Expands ‘Black Hammer’ Universe With ‘Colonel Weird’ (Exclusive)

Download Movie Dark Horse Expands ‘Black Hammer’ Universe With ‘Colonel Weird’ (Exclusive)

In a statement, Lemire, who co-created the Black Hammer property with artist Dean Ormston in 2016, said, “Colonel Weird has been my favorite Black Hammer character since Dean Ormston and I created him. I’ve always wanted to do a series where the storytelling would echo Weird’s unique mind, and unique perspective. Tyler Crook’s work more than lives up to the challenge. This is a deep dive into Colonel Weird’s past and his future.”

                        Crook added, “I think Jeff and Dean have created one of the most interesting and heartfelt superhero universes that we've seen in decades. I feel lucky to get the chance to contribute to the world.”

                        As if the chance to learn more about the cosmic hero’s backstory isn’t enough, Cosmagog has another reason for fans to get excited: finally, they’ll get to find out what happened to him after the conclusion of last year’s Age of Doom series, where the world was seemingly reset to avoid apocalypse. The series launches April 22, but a glimpse of Crook’s artwork for the first issue can be seen below.
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