Divya Drishti January 19 2020 Written Update of Full Episode: Laal Chakor traps the Shergills inside their home | Bollywood Life

Divya Drishti January 19 2020 Written Update of Full Episode: Laal Chakor traps the Shergills inside their home | Bollywood Life

Divya Drishti starts with Drishti hearing the voice of a child. She wonders what is happening or is there a baby in the room. A golden light falls on Drishti and she hears children speaking. She wonders who are these kids and whom are they calling. Divya gets inside and sees the light. The see the conch opening. It is a miracle for them. Drishti (Sana Sayyad) experiences pain in her stomach. Divya tells Dristhi to again take the pregnancy task. Rakshit tells Ojaswini that the house is fortified. Ojas tells him to bring Drishti down. Divya tells Drishti that her pregnancy test is positive. She starts crying. Divya (Nyra Banerjee) is very happy and hugs her. They go down for the bash.Related StoriesDivya Drishti 8 December 2019 written update: Vicky reveals his intention of marrying Divya; Shikhar suspects the former’s intentionsDivya Drishti, 24 November 2019 written update: Rakshit strike a deal with PSachini and saves Divya along with DrishtiDivya Drishti, 23 November 2019 written update: Drishti and Rakshit learn that Patali is alivePsachini (Sangeeta Ghosh) is upset as the Raksha Manja does not allow Laal Chakor to get inside the Shergill house. Laal Chakor gets angry. Badi Maa tells Nisha to get married soon. They are missing the girls. The main lights go off. Shikhar makes an announcement for everyone. He sings a song for all. Ashlesha joins in the party. Shikhar (Mishkat Verma) cheers up Divya. Everyone has a nice time. The family members party and sing songs. Divya sings Kuch Khaas Hai for Shikhar. He is thrilled. They share some romantic moments much to the delight of all. Rakshit takes the mike and sings Kya Hua Tera Vadaa for Drishti. He is still hurt. Drishi wins him over with the song, O Mera Sona Re.Drishti decides to make the announcement but Psachini reaches there. She traps everyone. There is turmoil in the household. Psachini says they are all trapped inside the house. She jails them inside. They are left without ventilation. Nisha and Ashish get worried. Laal Chakor has a message for the family. Divya and Drishti wonder what to do. Ashlesha and Ojaswini are also very worried. Rakshit tells people to be careful. Badi Maa says she wants some time alone in her room. She cries bitterly. Ojas consoles her. Rakshit asks her why are they trapped inside. He wants to know the back story. She blames them for going to the cave. She says you guys brought home the curse of the cave. Divya and Drishti want to expose the real identity of Laal Chakor. They go to Psachini. They says they won’t let Laal Chakor inside the house.Ojaswini says Badi Maa wants to be alone. Rakshit and Shikhar use their magical powers to break the fortress. They start cracking. Rakshit goes shirtless and breaks the walls created by Psachini. The walls again get rebuilt by Pschaini. In the room, Psachini shows the sisters the dagger she used to kill their mother. Drishti and Divya are fuming. Simran collapses on the ground with marks on her body. It is the sign of Laal Chakor. She says someone attacked me from behind. She says I heard the flight of a bird. They try to figure out what is wrong. In the kitchen, Badi Maa is arranging stuff. Ojaswini starts feeling cold. Psachini gets attacked by Divya and Drishti. The girls use their maximum powers. They taunt her. Drishti tells Psachini that Laal Chakor does not exist. They trap Psachini in a ring. She says I have trapped myself deliberately. Ashlesha and Ojaswini are taking care of the kitchen. The women come to the store room. Simran takes care of the guests. Ashish and Nisha decide to get a room and romance. Rakshit tries to find out any cracks in the wall. Drishti comes to him to reveal about her pregnancy. They hear Ashlesha’s noise from the kitchen. There is an ice slab in the kitchen and understand that someone has been frozen by Laal Chakor. Divya is looking after Psachini. The noise of Laal Chakor enters the room. She says he is bloodthirsty now. She says you all will die.Badi Maa, has been frozen in ice by Laal Chakor. Psachini says she is dead. She says everyone will be dead now. Divya and Drishti try to break the ice slab. She is successful. Drishti says Laal Chakor is one of the guests of the house. They try to get help from doctors but all the phone lines are deactivated. Rakshit says I want a doctor. Psachini says your mom is already dead. They attack each other. Rakshit traps her with knives and says she will be dead soon.ByUrmimala BanerjeePublished: January 19, 2020 7:57 PM ISTFollow us onGoogle NewsAdhvik MahajanDivya-DrishtiNyra Banerjeesana sayyadSangeeta Ghosh Comments – Join the Discussion

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