Cubicles web series review: Slice of life dished out with dollops of humour and heart | Bollywood Life

Cubicles web series review: Slice of life dished out with dollops of humour and heart | Bollywood Life

When we think great web series series, whether they be Indian or from foreign shores, either the thrilling, adventurous breed or the dark, gripping kind come to mind. Of late, Indian web series like Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Kaafir and The Test Case have made us extremely proud with the way our shows are rubbing shoulders with the best in the world. However, who says that you need to always explore the darker side of life or delve into the nefarious section of society to serve up a show that appeals to ones senses and draws her/him in from the get-go. On that note, that take a lighter route to appeal to our sense and draw us in from the get-go (even Made in Heaven highlighted the contorted side of high society).Related StoriesTujhse Hai Raabta 8 January 2020 written update of full episode: Kalyani to learn about Mamta’s realityBigg Boss 13, Day 101, Live Updates: Sidharth Shukla gets flirty with Madhurima TuliWWE: First RAW of 2020 witnesses a fall in ratingsIt’s amidst this ongoing stream of gritty web series that season 1 of TVF’s Cubicles (I was privileged to catch an advanced screening of the first three episodes) comes likes breath of fresh air, daring to be different, stimulating our hearts more than our minds, tapping into nostalgia rather than curiosity, and ends up being just as brilliant as any of the aforementioned web series.What’s it about Cubicles tells the story of a 22-year old Piyush Prajapati, who’s just out of college and recruited in a top IT firm, run by his role-model. After initially finding everything too difficult to cope with and thinking of quitting, he later settles into the job, while handling the daily highs, lows, joys, sorrows, surprises andevery little things that office life throws at him.What’s hot Almost everything about Cubicles season 1 form the beginning to end is a winner. The Director and writers have done a fabulous job in recreating every big and small aspect of corporate life to the T yet embellishing them with a funny touch. We look at several scenes with fond recollections, laugh at how so much of what’s shown has happened to us and even realize the futility of getting ourselves worked up during those times. One of the biggest positives about Cubicles is how it tickles the funny bone while showcasing the most annoying bits about the office grind. I for one couldn’t help but burst out laughing at myriad throwback moments despite having left a typical 9-6 job, leaving me stuck at one spot for hours, a long time ago.When the show isn’t exploring comical avenues, it warms our hearts by reminding us of how each one of us has struggled to cope and grow through this corporate jungle while also making us reminisce of several small things we did for ourselves and those around us, which we may have now brushed under the carpet over time, but appear far bigger now than what we had thought about them back then. Scenes highlighting woes with biometric scanners, office chairs and weekend shifts leave you in splits while those displaying the ecstasy of salary notifications, dilemma of spending them, quandary of how much to save and pleasure of gifting your parents something from your first paycheck evoke a gamut of emotions, plaster smiles across our visages and take us down memory lane.Adding life to these wonderful sequences are the actors, every one of whom from Abhishek Chauhan to Nidhi Bisht function like cogs of a well-oiled machine, appearing as a version of ourselves on screen, reminding us of what all we’ve faced and how we keep making it to the next level.What’s not My only gripe with the first season of Cubicles would be that the writing and narration sometimes makes it all feel like a sketch, with all but an absence of flow connecting each episode. While all that is shown is nothing short of magical, there’s an element of continuity or the lack of it in the script that you can’t shrug off. It doesn’t take away much from the show, but it’s also something that the creators could’ve easily worked on.BL Verdict Negligible aside, TVF’s Cubicles is easily one of the most heartwarming shows to emerge from India irrespective of the television or web platform. It takes you on a trip down memory lane or helps you understand your routine better — depending on where in life you currently stand — and does so with charm, warmth, humour and plenty of heart. I’m going with 4 out 5 stars.Rating :4 out of 5ByRussel D’SilvaPublished: December 10, 2019 9:02 AM ISTFollow us onGoogle News Comments – Join the Discussion

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